The Giants-Phillies Brawl

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Giants reliever Ramon Ramirez threw at Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino for some reason. (It could’ve been anything.)

Victorino charged the mound.

Benches cleared.

Men pushed and shoved. A few punches appeared to be thrown. A combination of Greco-Roman wrestling and the WWE ensued. People were ejected. Things calmed down and started up again. Then they dispersed.

This wasn’t the general baseball “fight” in practice in which no one does anything and runs out there as a matter of team solidarity and to keep up appearances rather than any actual desire to fight. There were people actually doing stuff. But in the aftermath, it’s all too familiar. Suspensions will be handed out. Videos will be downloaded. It will be discussed endlessly.

And, naturally, the would-be peace-lovers act indignantly that there would ever be a fight on a baseball field as if they don’t like watching it. It’s called “ugly” and “unnecessary” and other terms conveying disgust.

It’s more portrayal of an image that the documenters of said events wish to put forth rather than confess that they love to watch fights and wallow in the increased attention they get for linking and publishing the clips and talking about it.

Tell the truth: you love watching benches clear. It’s exciting. There are very few pacifists who are overtly offended by such proceedings. The difference is I admit it openly and they don’t.

Here’s the clip if you want to watch it—Giants-Phillies Brawl—and you know you do.