Notes From The Ongoing Red Sox Cataclysm

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Jon Lester spoke out about the allegations of beer-drinking and chicken-eating during games and admitted that it happened; he also said that perhaps it was time to move on from Terry Francona because of the different personalities that have been imported into the clubhouse; and that the team needs more “high character” guys.

You can read the Boston Globe story here and come to your own conclusions, but I don’t get the impression that Lester is conventionally “sorry” for what he and the other starting pitchers were doing; he’s sorry that it’s come to this; he’s sorry that Francona is getting his good name dragged through the muck and has lost his job, but he qualifies the behavior as not a big deal.

In context of what’s probably gone on for years, it’s not a big deal, but sometimes it’s okay to say one is sorry even if it’s insincere.

I want to know why Josh Beckett has been so completely silent on this issue. He’s the ringleader; he’s the man who’s supposedly the alpha-male of the clubhouse; in fact, I think he’s a bully. So why isn’t he coming out and either defending or explaining himself?

Amid the fallout from the missed playoff spot, I don’t see regret that it happened, but regret that the team came undone, they didn’t make the playoffs; that the players are being inconvenienced by this upheaval.

It’s almost like the John Rocker mess from 1999 when he made those idiotic comments to Sports Illustrated, apologized the next spring…and then continued behaving like an idiot.

The Red Sox had better do what Lester said and get some character players into that clubhouse and a strong-handed manager who’s not going to tolerate any garbage; and it had preferably be someone who’s willing to take on Beckett—physically if need be—because this isn’t over; and unless it’s addressed, it’s going to happen again.

On another note, the Red Sox apparently asked for Matt Garza as compensation for the Cubs hiring of Theo Epstein.

If I were the Cubs, I’d have said: “If you’re gonna be ridiculous, we’ll forget the whole thing and you can take Theo back. See how that’ll play with the media if he’s stuck in Boston and is hiring your next manager with the world knowing he wants to leave.”

We’d see how quick the negotiations would get back online after that.

Matt Garza?

For a GM?