Let’s Put Keith Law And Michael Lewis In A Room Together

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Then we can lock it and leave.

That’s it.

Here is Law’s review of Moneyball, the MOVIE; and here’s Lewis’s retort to Law’s review of Moneyball, the MOVIE.

After getting past the pure comedy aspect of an online duel between two extremely smug, pompous people who think they’re smarter than they really are—neither of whom knows very much about in-the-trenches baseball and have been accorded credibility because one wrote a bestselling book supposedly “true” but is in actuality a clever bit of creative non-fiction; and the other has memorized scouting terminology and is fancied as an expert by those of like-minded beliefs—we see that someone here is lying.

The quote from Law regarding Lewis’s mentioning of him in Moneyball from The Projector on Yahoo:

Law tells us that the section of the book he is mentioned in was fabricated by author Michael Lewis. Says Law: “I am mentioned in the book’s epilogue in one or two paragraphs that tell a story that never actually happened.”

Lewis retorts:

“I don’t understand why he goes from being — when I interviewed Keith Law, and I did, at length — he was so nasty about scouts and scouting culture and the stupidity of baseball insiders. He was the reductio ad absurdum of the person who was the smarty pants who had been brought into the game and was smarter than everybody else. He alienated people. And now he’s casting himself as someone who sees the value of the old school. I can’t see where this is all heading and why. But I learned from experience that the best thing to do is ignore it, because it goes away.”

One of them is not telling the truth.

If I were Lewis, I’d find my notes and or recordings of said interview—and if he no longer has them, then he’s an idiot—and present them. The case will be closed either way.

This is the first shot in what’s going to be an extended period of sniping between those who have an investment in Moneyball being a continued success.

They don’t want the truth that Billy Beane‘s not a genius; they don’t want to see that the Beane strategies worked briefly because once they came to light, of course others were going to copy them, rendering them unsustainable for a small market club. Beane’s been unable to adapt and what we see is an Oakland Athletics team that is 18 games out of first place; 15 games under .500; and all-around terrible.

Much like the comments section to anything posted on Baseball Think Factory, there will be the reviews; others will agree or disagree; the argument will escalate into name calling; then degenerate into debates about things that have nothing to do with the original argument to begin with.

It happens every time.

I have my suspicions as to whom is telling the truth; but I’ll guess a backroom deal/chat will take place and the sniping will stop without a resolution to present a united front for their “revolution”.

Call me cynical, but when agenda-driven opinion is expressed, all sides have interest in keeping their agenda believable or ambiguous.

They’ll stop fighting to, as Lewis said, make this go away.

I’ll keep hammering it though.

Because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that wall; you need me on that wall!!!

And like it or not, I’m here to stay. To serve and protect.