Carlos Zambrano, Blah Blah Blah…

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Tantrum, blah.

Rant, blah.

Suspension, blah.

Dugout fight with teammate, blah.

Massive contract, blah.

Walks out on team, blah.

Why is anyone even paying attention to Carlos Zambrano anymore?

The Cubs can suspend him for this latest incident in which he walked out on the club after being ejected for throwing at Chipper Jones. The manager can rip him; the front office can scour his contract looking for ways to extricate themselves from the $22 million+ he’s still owed, but nothing’s going to change with him.

Sports contracts are notoriously difficult to void. The most recent attempt was the Mets and Francisco Rodriguez—he assaulted his father-in-law in the team family room, was arrested and violated the restraining order placed on him. The Mets had to settle for a massive fine and are thrilled to have been able to trade K-Rod a month ago.

In the NBA, Latrell Sprewell choked his coach P.J. Carlesimo and still collected his paycheck.

Zambrano’s going to get his money unless he pulls a Gil Meche and literally retires—something Zambrano’s agents are going to do everything (and I mean everything) to prevent from happening.

It’s almost as if he does this stuff on purpose. The Cubs are in the middle of their best run in a terrible season having won 9 of 12, so like a bratty child, he wanted attention and did this.

He’s not retiring.

Once that’s accepted, the Cubs should just release him and not worry if he goes elsewhere and rejuvenates his career. He might; he might not. Who cares?

Keeping him because of the money or fear that he’s going to go to another club and make the Cubs look bad for dumping him won’t be as much of a bane on the organization as would letting him get away with this latest transgression.

He’s useless to them and needs to disappear.