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One can only be thankful that Joe West, umpiring at second base, didn’t take the appearance of the above streaker as a signal that he too should remove all his clothes and take a jaunt around the field.

Streaking at a sporting event isn’t a new phenomenon and the coverage of the games has made a concerted effort not to publicize this behavior. The one thing that pops into my mind is when Padres’ owner and McDonald’s mogul Ray Kroc took to the stadium public address system to berate his team (during the game) as they got blown out of their home opener in 1974. A streaker came running out on the field to which Kroc yelled something to the tune of, “Get that streaker out of here!! Throw him in jail!!”

In terms of being memorable, the St. Louis streaker isn’t going to go down in baseball lore.

What I don’t understand is how he was able to get close enough to the field, remove all of his clothes and jump over the railing before someone—an usher, a security guard, a vendor—saw him and alerted the police of what was clearly about to happen.

One would assume that this incident isn’t going to be used by the Topps company for a baseball card and to create buzz for the new set as they did with the Skip Schumaker/squirrel card.

That said, in our society today and the desperation to sell stuff, who knows?