Stephen Strasburg As The Formative Brett Favre

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Is the media really starting with the Stephen Strasburg-hype again?

It’s the same amount of attention that Brett Favre used to get in the interest of webhits and pageviews, except it’s at the beginning of Strasurg’s career and not a vacillating “will he or won’t he” retire or play again that was (and is) the norm with Favre.

I don’t want to hear it.

The attention doled out to this pitcher is ludicrous. It happened last year as the Nationals had all sorts of on and off-field rules as to his usage and access; designated times when he would speak and when he wouldn’t.

It was as if they had him in a cage like a prize stallion that they never intended to race, but were going to put out to stud.

Now the weather is playing a part in “will he or won’t he?” pitch today. Will Mother Nature be so cruel as to deprive us of seeing Strasburg for the 75 pitches he’s going to be allowed to throw?

I pulled 75 out of my behind; the truth is, we don’t know what the Nats have planned as an arbitrary number chosen to keep him “healthy”— those random limits that worked so well in keeping him healthy before he blew out his elbow a year ago.

If you continually pay attention to this in anything other than an “oh him” kind of way, you’re playing into what the likes of ESPN want; they want people to click onto their site and read the little bits of nothing they (mostly) unskillfully present.

I’ll watch Strasburg pitch (if Mother Nature isn’t cranky and ruins our fun) because he’s a brilliant talent with a bright future once they take him out of the “Joba”—my nickname for the stone sarcophagus in which Joba Chamberlain was placed for his “protection”. The Joba Rules didn’t work on Joba either.

I’m not going to watch because of the endless promotion Strasburg is receiving.

This media circus is working in one respect: it’s got people paying attention to it for reasons other than what success he achieves for himself and his team. That aspect of his career won’t be known for awhile—or at least until they decide to take off the handcuffs and let him pitch.